Teacher Tools AI

Teacher Tools AI

AI is a lot of hype and teachers know there is so much more to learning than "chatting". How will we leverage this tool?

Word Problem
Word Problem Generator

Make math resonate with every student through AI-created word problems personalized for them. For any standard, topic, or problem, generate word problems with your chosen scenario -- from basketball to the gilded age. Plus with just one click, share on Google Classroom.

Math Image
Math Image Generator

Create unique images or view other teacher creations! These are great as "number talks", or to illustrate a topic.

Standard Unpacker
Standard Unpacker

Enter a standard and let the AI break it down, provide questions, and generate examples. Many tools in one!

Mistake Maker
Mistake Maker 3000

Give the AI a problem or topic and it will confidently share an incorrect solution. Share with your students and have them engage in error analysis to enhance their critical thinking. You may want to upgrade to the GPT-4 mode for this one, as it is more reliable at being wrong.

Real World Example
Real World Example Generator

When will we ever use this? Share any topic or standard and the AI will share a real world context and application!

Phenomena Generator
Phenomena Generator

Instantly generate engaging, real-world examples to illustrate any scientific concept (or standard). For an even more immersive experience, our premium users will custom-generate images that vividly bring each Phenomenon to life.

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Palzi is an AI pal designed to have children play the role of teacher. The AI is a positive near-peer who wants the child to share and explain what they learned. Parents can monitor all conversations and get suggested questions to keep the conversation going!